jenni hallam - mindset coach london, uk

Together we create positive transformation, make lasting changes, and improve every aspect of life at a deep level.


I help people discover and use the power of their minds to realise a better life, both at work and at home.

Everyone is different which is why I have a very personal approach. I get to the root cause of your challenges and give you the tools, knowledge, and support to empower your future.

I love helping people who feel they have lost their mojo!

“Open your arms to change
but don’t let go of your values.”

Dalai Lama

Be Curious.
Find Your Balance.
Awaken Your Senses.
Find Yourself.
Challenge Your Fears.
Be a Catalyst for Change.

Arrange a free consultation session to find out how I can help you.


If you want to change, grow, 
develop or improve any aspect 
of your life or your work, the 
starting point is always in your mind.

I specialise in working with 
individuals and teams in times 
of challenge, uncertainty and
new beginnings.

My extensive experience in 
Mindset Coaching, Deep Change 
Coaching, Business and Career 
Coaching combined with my 
expert knowledge of NLP and 
Hypnotherapy allows me to 
design a bespoke solution 
based on what suits you or your 
team best.

Jenni hallam - Mindset Designer, NLP Master Practitioner